Grampians hiking – The Pinnacle via Mackeys Peak

It had been many, many years since I'd hiked in the Grampians.  Despite having countless childhood memories of this area, its one place I've never visited with my own kids.  Well, they have been to the Grampians but not the hiking bit.  The purchase of a camper trailer earlier this year has led us to … Continue reading Grampians hiking – The Pinnacle via Mackeys Peak

Otways hiking – 3 Waterfalls & a Canyon

When my friend Claire posted a link on Facebook a couple of months ago advertising a day in the Otways called "Waterfalls & Canyon", led by an experienced guide (for a fee), my response was " why pay someone?  I'll take you....."  After all, this is the kind of thing I'm hoping to do for … Continue reading Otways hiking – 3 Waterfalls & a Canyon

Behind the scenes with Dave Lucas Portraits and Miss Fairyfloss

Miss Fairyfloss is the result of collaboration between photographer Dave Lucas, model Jess-ami and makeup artist Sarah-Jane. I first met Jess at a model workshop held by my camera club.  Jess was the obliging model while we learned tips from photographer Paul Robinson.  I remember thinking she was very patient as everyone lined up to … Continue reading Behind the scenes with Dave Lucas Portraits and Miss Fairyfloss

The little things…..

Something I've noticed since discovering my passion for photography is that it forces you to view the world through different eyes.  Suddenly you are seeing the beauty in the mundane - in the little places least expected - in places you never used to look.  These small treasures also provide an opportunity to practice camera … Continue reading The little things…..


OK, so I always knew there would have to be a "waterfalls" blog before too long.  Here goes. I think I may have mentioned in an earlier post that I'd always wanted to be able to achieve "calendar" type images.  Upon reflection now I may have overdone the waterfalls a bit to the point of … Continue reading Waterfalls

The Urban Farm

This blog is my final submission for a unit of study I have been doing online with the University of Tasmania, and is the reason I have grown over the past couple of months from Facebooker, to Blogger and now to Web Designer.  The final assessment requires me to submit between 7 & 10 images which … Continue reading The Urban Farm


From the very start I fell in love with my little Nikon (1AW1).  It did indeed seem like the perfect camera for me.  It was summer at the time so it wasn't long before I had it down the beach, testing the water so to speak. DEFINITELY WATERPROOF While I don't exactly spend a lot … Continue reading Evolution