Hi, I’m Mandy and this site is all about me, my interests and passions.

This website has grown from a social media experiment, to a blog, and now to the full blown website you are seeing here.  As I’ve been on this creative journey, self reflection has led me to identify a few key areas of interest I’d like to share with others:

  • Photography
  • Travel
  • Sustainable Living
  • and a multitude of other nature based hobbies

While these subjects may appear to be quite different to each other, they are linked together by one common theme – being outdoors.

I invite you to browse at your leisure and hope you enjoy my ramblings.



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Grampians hiking – The Pinnacle via Mackeys Peak

It had been many, many years since I’d hiked in the Grampians.  Despite having countless childhood memories of this area, its one place I’ve never visited with my own kids.  Well, they have been to the Grampians but not the hiking bit.  The purchase of a camper trailer earlier this year has led us to … Continue reading Grampians hiking – The Pinnacle via Mackeys Peak

Otways hiking – 3 Waterfalls & a Canyon

When my friend Claire posted a link on Facebook a couple of months ago advertising a day in the Otways called “Waterfalls & Canyon”, led by an experienced guide (for a fee), my response was ” why pay someone?  I’ll take you…..”  After all, this is the kind of thing I’m hoping to do for … Continue reading Otways hiking – 3 Waterfalls & a Canyon

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