Backyard scavenger hunt

To be honest, I bought the 50mm because it was cheap. I’d recently bought a second hand Nikon D90 to go with a lensbaby lens an online friend had gifted me (but that’s another story). I needed another lens for everyday use as the lensbaby is very specialist (google it). I’d heard that the 50mm was insanely versatile and it has quickly become a much loved and utilised tool.

One of my favourite things to do on a quiet day is to head out to my backyard and see what tiny treasures I can find to shoot. It is surprising just how many things I find.

Fungi galore! This little group was across the road from my house, out in the open in a normal, boring suburban landscape. By getting in close and using a wide aperture I was able to make them look as though they could be nestled in the undergrowth of a mysterious forest.


I took the below photo to demonstrate to my 10yo son that there is beauty in imperfection. There are so many pressures on children these days to fit some kind of image – conform to society. Now we intentionally look for broken things and appreciate their individuality.


This shell decoration follows on from the imperfection theme – we collected these shells on a recent holiday – instead of looking for shells in perfect condition, we collected these – every single one had a small, natural hole in the corner. We threaded them with fishing wire and now they are part of our home which preserves the memory of a wonderful family holiday.




This is the delicate flower of Vietnamese mint.


My faithful garden companion, Oscar. I was lucky to get this picture as he is remarkably uncooperative when it comes to modelling.


I know they’re pests and I don’t want them chomping on my veggies, but snails are fascinating to watch and shoot (no snails were harmed in the making of this blog…..)


Sweet Autumn harvest

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