In the beginning

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved taking photos. I think even from the tender age of 10 or so in the early 1970’s, wielding my little Kodak point and shoot with those precious 24 exposures loaded and ready to go, I was fascinated by the thought of capturing a moment – freezing it in time.  Unfortunately though, back in those days at the end of a painstaking wait for the film to be processed at the lab – my patience was all too often rewarded with 24 disappointing images.


Fast forward to 2015 – countless cameras in between, point & shoot, video, phone, DSLR’s – I find myself buying a Nikon 1 AW1.  The ad for this one caught my eye – a camera with interchangeable lenses which is also waterproof to 15 m and shock proof to 2m.  It sounded like the perfect accompaniment to my outdoor lifestyle.  The YouTube promotions and reviews were exciting – could this be everything I’ve ever wanted in a camera?  With my new toy firmly in my grip, I made a decision – time to learn how to use a camera properly.

“Great idea” I hear you say….. “how did you go about that? A course? Online? Face to face?”  Being time poor as most of us are these days, and after much consultation with friends in the know, I opted for the online method – and sought out as much FREE help and advice as I could on the world wide web.

Fast forward another 2 years and here I sit, writing my first blog – now somewhere in the realm of “could possibly be pro one day”.  I run a Facebook group called “Amateur Photography Skill Sharing” which is a fantastic forum for members to network and learn from each other.

I’ve tried to be quite diverse with my repertoire – nature, street, a little portraiture and even a wedding.  Now it’s time to refine what I do – focus on who I am and what my photography says about me.

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