Blue Mountains Odyssey. Day 8 – Wentworth Falls.

We are now at the tail end of our holiday and were keen to put in one more adventure before leaving the Blue Mountains.

Originally, we had planned to move camp to a place near Canberra today to stay 2 nights before heading home.  In reality though, it didn’t seem such a good idea to place ourselves so far from home (about 8 hours) on our last leg.  We decided to stay an extra night at Lake Lyell and will head off tomorrow morning, staying one night in Gundagai, about half way.  We will also treat ourselves to a stay in a motel or cabin for the last night.

We have been blessed with perfect weather for winter.  Despite it being cold, the sun has been shining every day, and we’ve been active – hiking and such – which also kept us warm.  We are now looking forward to indoor heating and a hot shower that doesn’t require you to feed a 20c coin in every minute.

Our final adventure was to Wentworth Falls.  Being a beautiful, sunny Sunday, the crowds were out in force today but it was still a lovely morning enjoying nature.

A nice lady offered to take a family photo of us – quite a rare occurrence.  I’ve been managing to avoid being in photos for most of the trip but Jamie insisted.



It is pretty tricky getting a photo of the whole waterfall.  This was the initial view we had before venturing down to the top of the falls.


Here is the view from the top, looking out over Jamison Valley.


From here we followed the crowd around to some viewing platforms on the left.

and found this little rock goblin hiding in a hole in the wall.


I grabbed a quick pic of the cascades at the top of the falls on the way back – I think it’s the best one of the day.


From here, we decided to follow the “under cliff” track back to the carpark and quickly realised how it got its name.


This was a really enjoyable track to walk, with lots of lookouts along the way to see more of the falls.  I didn’t manage to get any photos of them I was really happy with but did the best I could given the timeframe available – maybe next time 🙂

We said goodbye to the beautiful Blue Mountains, were back at base for a late lunch and then spent the afternoon getting ourselves as organised as possible for a quick packup tomorrow morning.

Here is the view from our tent – we were on a hill overlooking the lake.


And one of our friendly neighbours, taken with my new 70-300mm lens.


Time to sign off tonight – a big day is ahead tomorrow.

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