Blue Mountains Odyssey. Day 4 – Dubbo to Lake Lyell.

Day 4 arrived and it was time to move on to our next temporary home.  At least today we had a dry pack up – it made things so much better.  We’ve been really lucky with the weather so far – a bit chilly but sunny during the day.  Yesterday was even a short sleeves day.

Back in January we’d decided to invest in a camper trailer.  This was mainly due to having toured around Tasmania in December, with swags & a tent.  It’s a lot of work packing up a camp site every few days, then setting everything up again.  The trailer has definitely simplified things – we pile all the sleeping bags, blankets & pillows onto the bed, then stow all the other misc gear in the bottom of the trailer.  It is still pretty labour intensive though and everyone has to pitch in and help.

The drive from Dubbo to Lake Lyell  (a bit south-west of the Blue Mountains) is through mainly farming land and the plains gradually give way to rolling hills.  Passing through the little country towns, the feel was similar to Victoria and it was evident that the area was rich in the history of early Australian colonisation.

Lunch was 2 minute noodles cooked up in a roadside stop – a nice change from the greasy fast foods we’d been indulging in.  There was also a nice view of a river between two hills.


We bypassed Orange – yes, Orange!  Who on earth named a town Orange?? Not orange sherbet, not orange juice, just Orange.

Next stop was Bathurst, home to Australia’s premier car race.  Jamie was very much looking forward to visiting Mount Panorama and driving the same circuit that Brocky, Moffatt and all today’s car racing greats have travelled.  Unfortunately we were in the Patrol today with the trailer in tow so no speed records were broken.

Mount Panorama is only a couple of km’s from the town centre and the racing infrastructure is permanently in place.  The track is a public road though and even has houses along it.

The approach & our first sight of the Mount Panorama sign.


The entance to the track.


Pit straight.


Looking back towards conrod straight.  There is a massive Rydges hotel on the left.


Looking down towards Bathurst from the top of the mountain.  The trip down the mountain was hair raising.  The S bends are sharp & steep – I can’t imagine travelling at 200kms an hour around them.


And finally – down conrod straight we go – towards the finish line…..


As well as the racing history, we were also surprised to learn that Bathurst was the first inland town to be settled in Australia.  It would be interesting to spend more time there and visit some of the sights.  It is also home to a 10m long tyrannasaurus rex fossil.

We were keen to push on to our next stop though and arrived at Lake Lyell around 4pm.  This is a paid spot with flushing loos & hot showers (though you have to insert s 20c coin every minute).  A welcome luxury after a few days of doing it tough.

From this base we plan to visit Katoomba for sight seeing, Jenolan for caves, some waterfalls & maybe a hike.

Signing off for now. 🙂

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