The urban farm

Sustainable living is becoming more and more important in this age of mass consumption and waste generation.   There’s also a lot to be said about the satisfaction of growing your own food where possible.

The last 12 months has seen us make significant changes to the family home.  Half of our backyard has been transformed into an “urban farm” complete with raised garden beds  yielding a variety of fresh vegetables, as well as the very helpful “fertiliser factory” A.K.A. our chooks. Solar panels have also been fitted to our roof, bringing some relief to power bills and a warm fuzzy knowledge that we are helping reduce the drain on our planet’s resources. (For more details of this please see the blog titled “The Urban Farm“.)

Other related topics on this page will be the creation of artisan foods such as cheese and bread, and more recently making natural bath products such as soaps and other pampering products.

IMG_20170610_143423_918.jpg     unnamed.jpg      IMG_20170610_143114_729

Watch this space…….  

Meantime, check out my cheese mentor and local environmental hero:

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