Down to Earth bath & body



Welcome to Down to Earth Bath & Body products.  As part of my “green epiphany” I started making soap a few months ago and this new hobby has quickly grown out of control.  I just love creating beautiful smelling & feeling soaps with all natural ingredients – many of them sourced from my garden, friend’s gardens, and the local environment.  It feeds my creative side AND satisfies my inner scientist!  Of course I couldn’t just stop at soaps – I am also dabbling in many other products including lip balms, bath bombs, relaxing salt soaks, bath tea bags & moisturisers.

I now have such a collection that I will need to start moving it on to family and friends – maybe one day even a market or shop.  Unfortunately there are a few hurdles to overcome before I start selling soaps though, with the industry tightly regulated (yes – even home soapers) due to the chemical process which creates soaps.

Creating these natural products have led me to start looking at how I can reduce the amount of harmful chemicals in my home.  As a result I am trialling products such as dishwasher tablets, cleaning sprays, loo cleaner etc.  These products may be added to my selling list in the near future.

In the meantime please feel free to browse my range and shoot me an email if you are interested in any non soap products, or register interest for soaps once I get through the maze of red tape in front of me.  I have attached a price guide at the bottom of this page and a full list of ingredients is available for any of these products upon request.

Please email me at Down to Earth Bath & Body if you would like any further information.  You can also look me up on Facebook – Down to Earth Bath & Body where I post regular product updates and stories.

Soaps – $5 (all soaps contain individual blends of oils including coconut, olive, rice bran, sunflower, hemp, avocado, almond & more)
Doggie shampoo – $10 (includes 200ml herbal vinegar spritz)
Shampoo sticks for humans – $7 (includes 100ml herbal vinegar spritz)
BATH CUBES & Foot Fizzies (Cubes $2 each or 5 for $10 with duckie, foot mini fizzies $1 each or 6 for $5)
Assorted fragrances & ingredients
Bath Salts / Foot Soak ($5 per 125ml jar)
Stolen Moments Rose & Geranium
Cucumber & Mint
Pink Lemonade Fizz
Lip Balms ($5 for a 5ml tube or pot)
Peppermint & Rose
Mango Butter
Mango & Peach
Vanilla & Raspberry
Chocolate & Honey
Chocolate & Mint
Moisturisers (50ml jar – $10)
Basil anti ageing face cream
Ginseng & Rose face cream
Vanilla body butter
Rose face cream
Scrubs (50ml jar) – $10
Coffee & Honey
Tropical Coconut & Salt
Soy Candles coming soon!