About me

Who is this Mandy person anyway?

I’m a passionate photography hobbyist living in the western suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.  Early in 2015 I decided to “get serious” about learning how to use my camera(s) properly and embarked on a steep learning curve.

As far as hobbies go, I find photography ticks all my boxes.

  • Tech – a self confessed techno junkie – I love the digital age we are in.
  • Learning – there are endless opportunities for growth.
  • Social – I have met a lot of people both online and in person via social media and by joining a local camera club.   I also run a Facebook group called Amateur Photography Skill Sharing, which has members from all over the world.
  • Creative – clearly a wonderful format for art and self expression.
  • And lastly, OUTDOORS – outdoor adventures are as important to me as breathing and photography is the perfect excuse to head out on adventures – something that will inevitably become a common theme in this blog.

Photography is now an integral part of my day to day life – it has trained me to view the world in a different way – through an artist’s eyes.  As someone who loves writing and has a LOT to say – this blog is the next step in my evolution as photographer and artist.

I hope you enjoy….