The happy campers

As a family of 6 living on the outskirts of Melbourne, we love to travel, especially around this great country of ours.

Camping is our thing as it means we are really close to nature.  To us, there is nothing better than siting outside around a campfire, looking up at the stars – whenever possible, sharing this with family and friends.

Our recent purchase of a Black Series Alpha off road camper trailer has opened up a whole new range of potential for long haul trips.

Oh, we are:

Mandy – mum, cook, navigator, photographer

Jamie – Nissan Patrol driver, wood collector, fire starter & lighting/power

Jamie – 22 & doesn’t join us much these days but has bought a Patrol of his own and gets out with mates and his GF Chelsea whenever he can.

Shaye – 15 yo girl, she may be the only girl – but she’s no princess, she’s a seasoned camper

Brodie – 14 yo boy, survivalist (when the apocalypse goes down you want this guy on your side)

Adam – 12yo boy, comedy relief and nature lover

Oscar – 8yo, miniature schnauzer and part time teddy bear.  He keeps the floor nice and clean of food scraps